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Student Progress

Core Values:

  • We recognise that every individual is unique
  • We believe that everyone should be valued for their differences and we will promote respect, understanding and sensitivity
  • We will foster a sense of self-esteem and self-worth
  • We want everyone to be happy, healthy, confident contributors to our school community

At the heart of our school community is our STUDENT PROGRESS team – a team of non-teaching staff who work to support student’s individual needs throughout the school day. In addition, to providing high quality student support they are also engaged in research and development into aspects of Inclusion and Wellbeing (inc. Eating Disorders, Self-Harm and Mental Health).

 The Team

Learning Manager: Student Progress (SEND) Mrs J Marchesi
Student Progress Coordinator KS4 Mrs P Kendrick
Student Progress Coordinator KS4 Mrs J Pickles
Student Progress Coordinator KS3 Miss H Sanham
Student Progress Coordinator KS5 Mrs C Uren
Cover Supervisor Mrs A Firth
Careers Coordinator Mrs C Crowther
RELATE Qualified Councillor Ms Anna Mcquade

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