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Round the World Challenge!

We have set ourselves an insane challenge of travelling the distance of the circumference of the world! Yes, we know it is a big challenge but with half term around the corner we thought it would be a great way to encourage students, staff and all family members to get out there and do some daily exercise. So within the next 2 weeks as a community, we aim to travel 40,075km / 24,901miles!

Day 8 Stats

Distance covered TODAY 1535miles
Distance covered in TOTAL 9890miles
Winning house based on number of entries Franklin
Winning house based on distance covered

1. Franklin (5402km)
2. Johnson (4223km)
3. Curie (3289km)
4. Bronté (3001km)

Number of people taking part 427 students
103 staff
1002 family members

We are still bobbing around in the Pacific Ocean!!

Don't forget to log any miles you cover following the link below.
Log Miles

How can I get involved?

Walk, jog, run, cycle, scoot, skate any physical exercise that does not include a motorised vehicle!

Who can get involved?

Students, staff, any family members within the household of the student or staff member

How can I submit my distance?

Follow the link below and submit the details. Please make sure each person that takes part in the exercise submits their results e.g. if there are 4 people in your family that go on a 5 mile walk then all 4 need to submit their results.

Log Miles

If possible please attach a screenshot/photo as evidence of the exercise (see in link)

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Round The World

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