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Inspire By - SGHS Gallery

Our art teachers have been putting together a virtual gallery on our VLE, Firefly, as a means of allowing our students to share what has inspired them. In doing so we hope it will inspire others to be creative during this difficult time. If you want a piece of your Art work, Photography, Sculpture or other to be included in the gallery please email it to: It would be lovely to have a little explanation about the work too. Thank you and keep being inventive and creative!

In the words of Robert Motherwell:

"Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it"

Annie Cornish - Year 11

This is one of Annie’s recent Photography edits in response to the theme: Manipulating Reality. Love it Annie.


Neve Rooney - Year 12

This beautiful, sensitive drawing is work in progress, a fantastic start to your Personal Investigation! Well done Neve I look forward to seeing where this takes you.


Elsa Birch - Year 9

I loved the film Elsa, and this is equally superb well done!
“My Neighbour Totoro”


Millie Bradley - Year 13

The last time I saw these sculptures they were in two piles, and in desperate need of construction, I wondered on the last day we were at school, whether I would ever see them finished. Wow Millie they look even better than I hoped!  

Wood and florist wire, inspired by  Barbara Licha....but oh so much more; especially at a time when we are all enclosed in our own worlds!


Anna Graham-Roe - Year 11

There were too many to choose from Anna, all fabulous! I went for this one, as you know I love this series, well done!!


Niamh Ashton - Year 10

Word a gorgeous drawing, thank you for sending Niamh! In Niamh’s words:

“This is a portrait of my younger self that I have been doing over these past few weeks”


Lily Dhillon-Downey - Year 10

Great to see this completed, I knew it would be wonderful, another portrait inspired by Sam Dalby. Well done!


Rosie Marren - Year 8

Wow ! Thank you Rosie, what a superb effort! I think Rosie best describes why she has done this: 

“I drew this horse because I looked outside and saw a group of horses on the canal, they inspired me to draw one and I thought that I would try a new style by drawing in chalk”


Mrs Beaumont

I knew Mrs Beaumont would not disappoint us. She has given it the title: Lunch. I am not so sure that does it justice! I have taken the liberty of calling it: Edible , enigmatic  spider from above!


Emma Richardson - Year 9

It is dull outside today, but the sun just shone inside when I received this from Emma. THANK YOU!

In her owns words:

“I made this digital drawing of my class. It was inspired by how my class continued to work together as a whole to get through the first week of working from home”


Lily Baxendale - Year 12

Lily has sent this superb drawing she has done this week; as she is looking at the work of Ernst Haeckel. Wonderful well done Lily!


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