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On Saturday 8th October, Mrs Marchesi did a tandem Sky Dive to raise money for an incredibly worthy cause - Medical Detection Dogs and Rays of Sunshine!

The following is an article by Mrs Marchesi about what prompted her fund raising efforts and the results of her amazing Sky Dive.

Mrs J Marchesi - Learning Manager Student Progress (SEND)I had met a remarkable young lady called Alice Halstead in January, who had approached our Exams Officer, with a view to sitting Maths & English GCSE.

Alice is a former student of Skipton Girls’ High School, who became very ill with Type One Diabetes when she was in Year 9, and spent 3 years in hospital in Leeds, missing out on taking her exams. While in hospital, she was granted a wish by a charity called Rays of Sunshine, and her only outing during those long 3 years was to London to see The Lion King, which she remembers very clearly.

When Alice was finally allowed to leave hospital and return home, she found herself being rushed to hospital by ambulance very regularly, until she was paired up with Holly, a Labrador/Curly-Coated Retriever, who is a trained Medical Detection Dog. This dog is amazing, and her sense of smell tells Alice when her blood sugar levels are dangerously high or low, saving her from lapsing into unconsciousness. Since having Holly, Alice has never been rushed to hospital, and to date Holly has alerted Alice over 4,000 times.


So, I met Alice & Holly, and invigilated while she sat her GCSEs that she had studied for online, at home, and when she suggested doing a Sky Dive to raise money for the two charities that have transformed her life, I said YES, not thinking it would actually happen!
What a brilliant experience it was, and being part of the Do It For Alice Team is something I will always be proud of. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Alice for suggesting the Sky Dive, and to Elizabeth Fairburn & Carrie Scuffell for Being Brave too! It was a sunny day, full of smiles, and we raised some money!

Thank you to all who have donated either through: virginmoneygiving.com/SomeoneSpecial/DoitforAlice or by giving me cash. The total raised to date is £3200, which is fantastic, especially as I enjoyed myself so much!

I have seen the massive difference these two charities have made to one inspirational young lady, and to give the gift of a Wish, or help train another remarkable Medical Detection Dog has been a privilege and a pleasure.



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