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Hafsa Kahn - Year 10

Taekwondo Champion

Hafsa is a quiet, unassuming, unboastful star. But, despite her attempts to conceal her successes, her achievements shine bright! Fancy a bit of blocking and sparring? Brave enough to take the two hour grading sessions? Are you committed enough to put in two training sessions a week?

Just ask Hafsa Kahn, Year 10. Hafsa is Skipton Girls’ very own black belt Taekwondo champion! 

Did you know she has been training to reach this athletic pinnacle since Year 3 of primary school? Yes, it’s taken her six years to achieve the black belt, after years of sparring championships, hours long grading sessions and a lot of scrutiny from her trainers and peers.

Not only that, but Hafsa has pushed herself to learn the names of the moves in Korean as well as English. Indeed, when asked, the Korean names for the most difficult of blocking moves trip off the tongue. Just ask her to translate the ‘X-fist Pressing Block’!

When asked about what advice she would give younger students wanting to get involved in such a sporting commitment, Hafsa says, “Enjoy it! It’s suitable for all ages. At my club, there are senior classes. It’s not too late to start!”

Mrs V Fox

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Hafsa Kahn

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