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August 2015: Work Experience Sulzer Sulzer is an international pumps company based in Switzerland however during my 2 week work placement which I organised I was based in Leeds and in the hydraulics department. This meant that we had to use mathematics to find the fight head and flow of the pumps to fit the client’s specifications then be able to model this on 3D and 2D soft wear. By the end of my placement I was fully competent at this and was able to choose and model my own impeller for a live client.

November 2015: Taking inspiration from an Arkwright event I went to see a lecture on optimisation of design which is an area of engineering I am very interested in and I found it very useful for use in my then A level engineering course too.
December 2015: Was chosen by my school to be the chair of a STEM conference at its opening ceremony. I was chairing a panel of stem leaders, including CEO’s of companies and professors leading their fields.

June 2016: Headstart. I took part in a Headstart course at Imperial Collage London for 4 days, this was probably one of the best few days of my life, as I got to try out all of the departments in a collage and it really reinforced my choice to want to do a degree in Engineering - Specifically Design Engineering. The cost of this course was also reinbursed by Arkwright.

July 2016: Work Experience Laing O’Rourke (paid). I was lucky enough to be selected to be placed on a pathways placement scheme, which is sponsoring me through sixth form. This has given me 6 weeks per year to work for Laing O'Rourke and I have had an amazing time having increased my confidence, time management and independence skills. Working in Engineering, Design Management and Digital engineering I was able to really get to grips with what the different opportunities inside Laing O'Rourke actually are. Also having a relativity unprecedented overview of what the different teams on a project does is a really unique and interesting position to be in.

October 2016: Work Experience DS Smith (Arkwright sponsors). I completed a weeks work experience with the Arkwright sponsor DS Smith who are an international packaging company. I was placed in the design team and in the engineering team, where I used my maths skills to work out the strength of the boxes and got my head arround simulation technology to run further tests.

December 2016: Mexico Through Arkwright I was selected to represent the UK with my Engineering project Move-A-Volt. And to do which I have had to gain industry sponsorship and compete at a national level to win this accolade. My project, Move a Volt was designed to explore electromagnetic-induction and how it is possible to convert kinetic to electrical energy from people’s movements. The idea would be to give third and first world people the opportunity to have access to free, eco-friendly power, which encourages them to keep fit. I invented a device which would be placed inside someone’s bag or rucksack and would charge a mobile phone. The device is powered by small magnets going through copper coil which produces an electromagnetic induction in the wire resulting in an AC current. This is then connected up to a battery which gives the device regulation; a charging circuit is then attached to this which powers a USB port.

I won a place at the Latin American ExpoCiencias which is a selective event of Mexican state and International scope recognised by the international movement for recess Scientific and Technical (MILSET) and is carried out for the purpose of promoting the participation of children and young people through Scientific and technical projects, research and innovation.

RB (1)Activities I did before Arkwright:

2011: Go for Set Winner - Developed a water wheel system as part of a team to reduce carbon footprint of a school. Won best team award in the national competition, gaining a Silver Crest Award and winning best team.

2013/14: Rolls Royce Apprenticeship - Worked with Rolls Royce apprentices to develop electricity generation and was selected for a prize to attend week’s outward bound trip in Wales, to improve teamwork.

Dec 2013: Big Bang Fair finalist’s Talent 2030 - Team leader who invented a new design for a wave powered generator, and constructed a prototype made up of magnets, copper coil and 3d printed plastic. Gained another silver crest award.

July 2014: North West Engineers of the Year Winner - Team leader for aerodynamics project, prize trip to China and entry to the national finals. Created a project using aerodynamic foils and engineering programs like solid works and 2d design. It is to be used to enhance the school physics curriculum.

November 2014: One of a handful of schools nationally to be invited to present engineering projects at the Houses of Parliament. The project gained particular interest and feedback from MPs, academics and engineering executives getting specific reference and praise in the event summing up.

March 2015: I was a finalist the national Big Bang Fair receiving a crest communication in engineering award for my project on improving access to physics in primary school education.

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