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Attendance and Punctuality

SGHS definitions of attendance

  • Our attendance target for all students is 100%.

The visual below shows the impact of days missed and minutes late on a child’s learning.


Why is excellent attendance important?

Excellent attendance and punctuality are essential for students’ success at school; establishing positive life habits that enable students to achieve their full potential. Research has found that students with 95% attendance will achieve a grade higher on average than a student with 85% attendance. If a student misses 10% of lessons, then a student can expect to drop a grade.

Through attending regularly, students can:

  • Engage in essential learning and other school social events.
  • Build friendships and develop social groups.
  • Develop life skills necessary for future success 

Important Attendance and Safeguarding Reminders.

  1. Parent/Carers must report absence on every day to the school that a student is absent before 8.30 am via the absence line; 01756 707610 or
  2. When absence is due to illness, parent/carers must always inform the school of the nature of the illness.
  3. If the school is not notified of a student absence parents/carers will be contacted by phone call or email by the Student Services team
  4. If parents/carers give no reason for absence, then this is an unauthorised absence. Failure to notify school is a safeguarding
  5. If your child is absent for 3 consecutive days, a parent/carer must explain the absence in writing.
  6. Skipton Girls’ High School will request a medical letter when a student is absent for 10 days.
  7. Term time leave of absence will only be granted by the Deputy Headteacher in exceptional circumstances, applications must be made at least 3 weeks before the absence.
  8. Medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours, wherever possible.

The school can only authorise absence for the reasons below:

  • An absence for sickness.
  • Medical or dental appointments which unavoidably fall during school time.
  • Religious or cultural observances.
  • An absence due to a family emergency.
  • Sporting events, music/dance/drama exams and competitions, (Deputy Head teacher’s approval is required).
  • Career or new educational establishment interviews.
  • Students who are absent from school without reason.
  • Truancy before or during the school day.
  • Unexplained lateness after 9.10am (when morning registration closes).
  • Studying from home, unless in school Study Leave for GCSEs or A Levels.
  • Part-time work

Punctuality Matters

Clock Icons_On Time On Time
All students should be in school no later than 8.45am.
Clock Icons_Unauthorised Late
Students who arrive after 8.50am will be marked as late (L).
Clock Icons_Late Unauthorised Absence
Students who arrive after 9.10am will be marked as a (U) code which is unauthorised absence.

Working together to improve attendance

We are passionate about working with students and families to ensure rapid improvements in attendance. Where improvements in attendance do not occur, please see our Stages of Intervention below:

Unauthorised absence

Daily contact from the Attendance Team.

Arrow - Blue

Fortnightly Development and Achievement Team meetings to
discuss key attendance actions for each year group.

Arrow - Blue

Stage 1: Early Intervention

Attendance pattern is a cause for concern.

Arrow Pink

Stage 2 – Student Meeting

Student is a risk of overall persistent absence if this attendance pattern continues.

Arrow Pink

Stage 3 - Attendance Plan

Student is persistently absent (90% ). Attendance Support Plan
(4 week monitoring period) developed by school, parent and student.

Arrow Pink

Stage 4 – School Panel Meeting with student and parents

Student is at risk of severe absence if attendance pattern continues.
Attendance contract agreed.

Arrow Pink

Stage 5 – Referral to local authority

Student is severely absent <50% attendance or has 10 or more
unauthorised days of absence.

Arrow Pink

Stage 6 - Legal Interventions

If voluntary support not engaged with by parents/carers Local Authority
will proceed with legal interventions.

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