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Sixth Form Dress Code

The Sixth Form encourages smart, stylish dress which expresses our students’ self-confidence, pride and sense of the standards expected in business and professional work places.

Sixth Form are required to wear formal business wear  

We actively encourage sixth form students to develop their own vision of what it means to be confident in the workplace and we trust students to choose outfits which are formal and appropriate.   

The Code expects everyone to avoid extremes of fashion and common sense dictates that students should not wear items of clothing - for example something short/tight.  


  • Black jacket
  • Identification lanyard – this will be allocated at the beginning of term


  • Smart tailored skirt, trousers or dress
  • A conventionally-tailored business suit. This can be a trouser-suit or skirt-suit (not Bodycon)
  • Blouse or smart top of any colour, but must be of a business, not leisure, style
  • A smart cardigan, jumper or waistcoat is optional
  • Formal shoes/boots compatible with a business suit; heels should not be of unreasonable height

Not acceptable

  • T-shirts, e.g. with slogans on
  • Strappy tops
  • Leggings
  • Jeans
  • Very short skirts (shorter than mid-way between knee and hip)
  • ‘Body-con’ dresses or skirts
  • Trainers
  • Flip-flops
  • Unnatural hair colour
  • Backless and off the shoulder tops

Please see the images on the right for examples of students in their business dress and also inappropriate uniform.  

Policy supporting this guidance

We know the vast majority of students get their dress right but to ensure that equality is maintained within the community, a set of sanctions supports these guidelines.

The following steps will be applied when a student is not meeting expectations in terms of dress code.

Level 1: Where a uniform concern has been recorded on SIMS by a Personal Tutor or teacher the Personal Tutor will discuss the concern with the student and email the parents (cc’ing in MLB).

Level 2: Where a second concern has been raised on SIMS by a Personal Tutor or teacher a meeting will be held between MLB and the student to discuss the concern.

Level 3: If a third concern is raised in a term, the student will be issued with a detention on a Thursday lunch time in the Sixth Form office. An InTouch message is to be sent to parents/carers.

Level 4: If the behaviour continues, the Head of Sixth Form will refer the student to a member of Senior Leadership Team for a further meeting/conversation with parents. The student will also have some study periods withdrawn for ‘supported study’.

Approved Business Dress



Inappropriate Uniform


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