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Dress Code


In recognition of their growing maturity and independence, the dress code for the Sixth Form is “business dress”. This is intended to strike a balance between individuality and the need to represent the school to the wider community. We hope that Sixth Formers will recognise the importance of taking pride in a smart appearance appropriate to a place of work and of setting an example to younger pupils.

Dress and Appearance


  • Black Jackets


  • Smart tailored skirt, trousers or dress of any colour.
  • A conventionally-tailored business suit. This can be a trouser-suit or skirt-suit of any colour (not Bodycon).
  • Blouse or smart top of any colour, but must be of a business, not leisure style.
  • A smart cardigan, jumper or waistcoat of any colour.
  • Formal shoes/boots compatible with a business suit; heels should not be of unreasonable height

Please see the images on the right for examples of students in their business dress.

The following items are not suitable for sixth form students at Skipton Girls’ High School

  • Denim jackets
  • T-shirts e.g. with slogan’s on
  • Strappy tops
  • Leggings
  • Jeans
  • Very short skirts (shorter than mid-way between knee and hip)
  • ‘Body-con’ dresses or skirts
  • Trainers
  • Flip-flops
  • Dr Marten boots or equivalent
  • Backless and off the shoulder tops

Please see the images on the right for examples pictures of inappropriate uniform.  

Policy supporting this guidance

We know the vast majority of students get their dress right but to ensure that equality is maintained within the community, a set of sanctions supports these guidelines.

The following steps will be applied when a student is not meeting expectations in terms of dress code.

Level 1: Personal Tutor will challenge the student on not meeting expectations. A verbal warning is given to the student.

Level 2: Meeting between the Personal Tutor and the student to discuss the concern. An InTouch message to parents/carers is sent home.

Level 3: If there is a further concern the Personal Tutor refers the student to the Post-16 Student Progress Assistant, who will contact home through a phone call.

Level 4: if there is no improvement, the student is referred to the Head of Sixth Form by the Personal Tutor, who will arrange a meeting with the student and parents. The student will then be placed on a report for close monitoring.

Level 5: if the behaviour continues, The Head of Sixth Form will refer the student to a member of Senior Leadership Team for a further meeting/conversation with parents and to be put on SLT report. The student will also have some study periods withdrawn for supported study’.

Approved Business Dress



Inappropriate Uniform


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