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Keeping Young People Safe (CEOP)

Safeguarding is at the core of all the provision we deliver to our students and community.

The Internet is a fantastic tool which provides access to a wealth of information, services and resources. There are of course dangers too. At Skipton Girls’ High School we are extremely positive about the advantages the Internet can provide and we believe that students should be given the opportunity to use it responsibly. We do everything we can in school to keep our students safe online.

For parents of students at SGHS please use of Firefly to access our detailed e-safety content for parents.

Please view our dedicated safegaurding pages using the menu on the left for some very important information that you need to know. 

Free software to download

K9 Web Protection
Free internet filtering software which allows you to control which websites your daughter accesses on her laptop or tablet. Only compatible with Windows and Apple devices.
Windows Live Family Safety
As the name suggest this program is only compatible with Windows devices. This program requires each user to have an account set up on your windows laptop/PC, it can then be used for website blocking.
This program allows you monitor your child’s internet activity, from Skype chats to keystrokes this software will give you very detailed information of your daughters online activity. The major drawback being that this software does not do internet filtering.


> Byron Report on E-Safety

> Parent E-Safety Fact sheet

> Click here to read about staying safe whilst using some of the most popular internet sites

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