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Students who attend Skipton Girls’ High School agree to be part of the school community by wearing correct school uniform.

The Academy has a Code of Conduct and uniform policy to meet Health and Safety requirements, to maintain decency and to protect families on low income who may feel forced to buy expensive ‘designer’ clothing for their children. We believe a uniform also prepares students for the world of work where a code of dress is often part of the job and a standard of smartness is expected.

Making sure that all students are in uniform and appropriately equipped allows teachers to focus on teaching and learning. Please read the school Code of Conduct to fully understand our school policy and procedures.

Students should also be suitably equipped (pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, calculator) and, with the exception of the sixth form, must be dressed in the following uniform:

  • SGHS blue striped blouse
  • School badged sweatshirt (Blue)
  • Blue regulation style skirt (no shorter than 18") or blue trousers (full length)
  • We do not permit extreme hair-cuts, including no coloured hair or flamboyant hair ornamentation.
  • Make-up is not allowed at Key Stage 3. At Key Stage 4 a small amount of discreet make-up is permitted (students will be asked to wash off any excessive make-up when in school)
  • Only totally plain black shoes are to be worn (Shoes must provide support and protection for the feet). These should be in a serviceable sensible style without coloured decorations. Canvas material is not appropriate. Trainers of any description are not acceptable. A list of acceptable ankle boots can be found in this document.
  • Opaque black or navy tights or neutral-coloured nylon tights must be worn at all times. Tights must be in good condition.

All items of uniform are compulsory with no exceptions.


Uniform Policy

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