Behaviour and Safety

At Skipton Girls’ High School we expect all students to be:

  • Respectful of all others and the environment
  • Responsible (arrive on time, be fully equipped for learning and wear the correct uniform)
  • Resilient (show grit, determination and effort in all class work and home learning activities)

We use our Commitment to Learning definitions to support you in thinking about how your Behaviour impacts on your Learning.

Commitment to Learning

Commitment is the key to success!
Outstanding (4)
A resilient student, totally committed to making the most of all learning opportunities available.
  • Enthusiastically takes responsibility for their learning and progress.
  • Maintains excellent personal organisation.
  • Actively seeks and acts on feedback.
  • Perseveres with challenges, demonstrating resilience when things get difficult.
  • Is not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them – a BRAVE learner.
  • Stays focused, uses time efficiently and actively participates in lessons.
  • Asks ‘curious’ questions & frequently takes the initiative.
  • Supports the learning of others and drives the focus in group work.
  • Completes homework thoroughly and with real thought.
Motivated (3)
A responsible and hardworking student, who tries to always do what is asked of them
  • Takes responsibility for their learning.
  • Is generally well-organised.
  • Responds positively to feedback and completes tasks as required.
  • With encouragement, is willing to persevere when things are difficult.
  • With support, can be BRAVE.
  • Does all that is asked of them and sometimes more.
  • Asks relevant questions & can take the initiative.
  • Maintains focus whether working collaboratively or individually.
  • Completes homework well.
Coasting (2)
Generally meeting requirements but could make more of the opportunities available to develop as a learner.
  • Responds to the teacher’s interest in their own progress and learning.
  • Maintains a reasonable level of organisation.
  • Usually completes set tasks if supervised but no more.
  • Is generally focused and well-behaved if there are no distractions.
  • Improves work after feedback with direction.
  • Is occasionally resilient when tasks become difficult.
  • Occasionally asks questions.
  • Completes homework most of the time but it is often rushed.
Insufficient (1)
Currently not meeting requirements and needs to become a more responsible and committed learner by:
  • Displaying more interest in learning & making progress.
  • Making an effort to be involved in the lesson and avoiding disrupting the learning of others.
  • Acting on feedback provided.
  • Embracing challenges.
  • Spending more time on tasks and taking more pride in work.
  • Asking more appropriate questions.
  • Spending more time on homework.

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