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Digital Footprint

All Internet activities, from searches, to comments, to page-clicks, to uploads/downloads, purchases and registrations on various sites, amount to your own unique ‘digital footprint’, traces that you leave behind ‘in perpetuity’ i.e. forever!

Most things posted or uploaded to the Internet are archived from time to time so that all previous versions of all web sites have been captured and saved and can be viewed at a later date. Further to this, if your comments or pics are copied by anyone (especially if they become viral) they can never be retrieved, so it is more often than not a one-way process.

It might therefore be worth considering what your own footprint might look like to the outside world, and take some steps to ensure that any potential damage is minimised? What would your parents, grandparents, teachers, church leaders, employers, colleges etc. think about what you are posting or uploading?

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