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Internet pros and cons

The Internet provides wonderful opportunities for communicating, researching, learning and working.

Never before in human history was there such a wealth of information available to people with only a few clicks. We all seem to be spending more and more time on it. It is now possible to book tickets online, view and share posts, pictures and videos via your social networks, browse sites and services, purchase and download items, and much more.

Unfortunately, alongside such freedoms often come unintended or unwanted consequences; online predators and trolls, viruses, phishing scams, rip-offs, junk mail, rude and defamatory comments, pornography, overexposure, and routine plagiarism to name but a few!

As a young person, by far the most dangerous thing you can do on the Internet is arrange to meet someone in real life that you have only ever met online. It is very easy for any person to hide behind an avatar or pseudonym and so someone you feel that you have known quite well could turn out to be your worst nightmare in real life. ‘Groomers’ or ‘online predators’ can be very patient people and take a long time developing a so-called relationship with their intended victims (possibly you?).

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